Corporate Information


Davidic Heritage Logistics Ltd is Nigeria’s most innovative logistics organization. We began operation in February 2012 with the groundbreaking operation of cargo operation at MMA Export Shed, where NAHCO customers could have the privilege of choosing a logistics company special to them to clear and deliver their own cargoes. This tradition of customer-focused innovation continues today, with a growing customer base.

Our core values are teamwork, integrity, passion for excellence and empowering and growing people; and we hold true to these while we offer a world-class logistics service and clearing and forwarding services both at the sea and airports with our core and focus on air services. Our customers have over the years enjoyed personalized and tailor made delivery of services for both individuals and businesses. This has led to unprecedented growth in the Nigerian logistics industry.

At Davidic Heritage Logistics Ltd; we invest heavily in the Nigerian economy, as well as in our own staff. We are passionate about having a positive impact on society and we are committed to sustainable social investments. Apart from offering a solid platform of technological innovation, we believe that sustainable investment is the foundation of
stellar growth and economic stability.

At Davidic Heritage Logistics, we see a future in which technology extends people’s reach and connectivity through the import and export operations.




Our vision is to be the leading and most admired logistics company in Nigeria. We seek to keep this core vision by developing and improving in our area of core competence as well as keeping our staff and
customers abreast of the latest information, techniques, methods and policies as may be suitable.




Our mission is to extend people’s reach by developing advanced logistics business delivery and speedy clearing and turnaround of cargoes export and import and delivery that support peoples, businesses and Government and allow them to develop, learn and grow.

Adaptability without compromise; As we know how difficult the Nigerian business environment is, we intend to adapt to the business climate while still remaining true to our business ethics and core value.

Business Outsourcing/Partnership


The proposition is to maximize the market reach and penetration of ICNL (Inland Containers Nigeria Limited) in securing new businesses in need of air freight forwarding services.

The servicing of this jobs both imports and exports shall be undertaken by Davidic Heritage with direct reporting to ICNL.

Communication channels and procedural structure for quotations, execution and remittances can be developed between Davidic Heritage Log Ltd and ICNL to offer the best for both parties.

Core facets of the business such as customer care etc can be customized to suite ICNL specifications and preference.




Outsourcing this services to Davidic Heritage Log Ltd allows ICNL to focus fully on its core business of sea and land freight services while also gaining gradual but surely notable presence as the business
grows and progresses.

In outsourcing this services to Davidic Heritage Log Ltd, ICNL would be undertaking a relatively new service with an experienced and competent partner to maximize efficiency and secure customer satisfaction.

ICNL would make more in returns while lowering overheads and associated risks.


Dangerous Goods Specialization


Setting the standards requires appropriate safety techniques and guidelines.

Some items may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons on board it. The air transportation of these dangerous materials can either be forbidden or restricted.

IATA leads industry efforts to ensure the safe handling of dangerous goods in air shipping and as authorized and certified IATA dangerous goods handlers we provide a great variety of technical
knowledge and services solutions tailored to satisfy the highest standards of industry needs.

The definition of standards for documentation, handling and use contributed to achieving a very high degree of safety in the transportation of dangerous goods by air.

We pride ourselves in making sure that the rules and guidelines as per Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) manual by IATA as a global and standardized references/protocol by airlines is effectively and
efficiently followed and complied to.

Trust Pilot




In 2018 Davidic Heritage was awarded the best Etihad cargo export client of 2017 and also award with United State of America Commercial Dept. This awards are amongst others in recognition of Davidic Heritage Logistics work and commitment to service delivery.